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Manulife UL YRT Client Investment Select

What it is

Manulife UL YRT Client Investment Select is one of four Manulife UL permanent life insurance products that provide the opportunity for tax-advantaged investment growth to help your clients increase their long term wealth.

Manulife UL YRT Client Investment Select offers a “hands-on” investment approach with a wide range of investment account options to choose from.

Product details

Coverage types
Single, Joint last-to-die (JLTD)

Issue ages
For YRT 85, 0 to 70 (JLTD ages 25-80 for 1st insured and 25-70 for 2nd insured)

For YRT 100, 0 to 80 (JLTD ages 25 – 80)

Death benefit types
Face Plus and Level Death Benefit

COI type
YRT 85/YRT 100 COI

Minimum face amount

Investment options
Range of low fee investment options

No life or policy fees. The average investment fee, across the portfolio of investment accounts offered, is the lowest in the industry.

Surrender charges
Payable for eight years, calculated on amount of insurance and individual’s age and sex.

10- and 20-year Term Insurance Riders, Child Protection Rider.

All ULs contain
Rate banding, Healthstyles underwriting, disability benefit, no policy or life fees.


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