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Understanding Manulife Quick Issue Term

What it is
When it comes to selling term insurance, time and simplicity are key. That’s why Manulife Quick Issue Term® (Manulife QIT®) uses a convenient online application and simplified underwriting to help your clients get the protection they need – FAST.

Start and finish your next term sale in 30 minutes or less, with Manulife QIT.

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Our Manulife QIT electronic application is:

  • Paperwork free – complete the easy online application in person or over the phone
  • Needle Fluid free – no blood or urine tests required, and fewer medical questions than with traditional underwriting
  • Fast – the application is reviewed immediately and in most cases, a decision is made within one business day

Who it’s for

Designed for busy clients (18-50) who need $500,000 or less of coverage quickly, Manulife QIT helps advisors:

  • Reach rural clients
  • Offer a quick mortgage insurance alternative
  • Connect with on-the-go clients

Choose from three coverage options: Term-10, Term-20 and Term-65.

How it works
We know time is money – for you and your clients. Fortunately, Manulife QIT life insurance is easy to sell and easy to buy which means you and your clients can easily take care of what’s important and get on with your busy day-to-day. Manulife QIT’s time-saving benefits include:

A graphic summary of Manulife QIT’s time-saving benefits   Click the button to open Manulife’s E-Application

 Electronic application

Whether you meet with your clients in person or over the phone, the simple online application means you can:

Manulife QIT electronic application icon (computer mouse)
  • Skip the bulk. The application is dynamic which means you only see what you need to fill in!
  • Be confident the application is submitted in good order and will move quickly and seamlessly through review, in most cases
  • Save the information you’ve entered and return to it later, without losing your client’s info

And since the Manulife QIT application is paperless from beginning to end, we don’t require additional questionnaires for travel and hazardous activity exclusions. They’re already built in to the contract.

Remember – you’ll need to be properly licensed in your client’s place of residence to complete the application.

 Shorter application

Manulife QIT shorter application icon (stop watch)

Complete the app in 30 minutes or less, in person or over the phone. The eight simple pre-screening questions, help you confirm your client’s eligibility before completing the full app – a big time saver for you and your clients.
Plus clients no longer need to write a cheque. Their first payment – whether monthly or annual, is automatically withdrawn. Simply provide the name of their financial institution, branch transit and account numbers when you submit the app.

 Electronic signature

Manulife QIT electronic signature icon (signature on a tablet)

Trying to balance long-distance clients and a hectic day? No problem! Seal the deal without meeting your clients face-to-face. After completing the application, simply email a copy of the application to your client, have them review the details, sign electronically and email it back. Easy!

 Simplified underwriting

Manulife QIT simplified underwriting icon (short checklist)

No-fluids underwriting and fewer medical questions make Manulife QIT’s underwriting 80% faster than traditional underwriting. And you and your clients can expect a decision in one business day, in most cases. Our one-day turnaround time is much quicker than the industry average. Plus, over 75% of Manulife QIT applications are approved standard.

 Contract delivery

Manulife QIT contract delivery icon (express mail envelope)

With Manulife QIT you can skip the usual delivery requirements. We’ll mail the contract and beneficiary form directly to your client – no hand delivery required. Plus we’ll email a copy directly to you. That’s time saved for you, and your clients! And did we mention the easy-to-understand contract only contains provisions relevant to each client’s situation.


Manulife QIT conversion icon (circle with arrows)

Manulife QIT is fully convertible – a key advantage and selling feature to consider when introducing simple issue term products to your clients.

Get started
Accessing the online application is easy! Simply log in to Repsource, select “E-Application” under the Insurance section of the tools menu and click “Start” under “E-Application”. Log in and get started with E-Application.

Before you begin, make sure you have this information from your client:

  • Driver’s license
  • Banking information – name of financial institution, branch, transit and account numbers
  • Email address

Our team of insurance wholesalers are ready to deliver value through case support, revenue-producing ideas and advice.

Additional features:

  • Children’s Protection Rider (CPR)
  • Bereavement Counselling Assistance
  • Compassionate Assistance Program

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