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Understanding Family Term with Vitality

What it is
Family Term with Vitality combines a term life insurance product with the opportunity for clients to earn rewards and save on their premiums – all while improving their

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Who it’s for
Manulife Family Term with Vitality is geared towards those clients who are:

  • Seeking protection for their loved ones to help plan for the future
  • Inspired to save on premiums by living a healthy lifestyle
  • Willing to actively engage in the Manulife Vitality program

And for clients, it’s a whole new experience as well. No longer do they buy it and forget it. Family Term with Vitality is for those clients who want a longer-term insurance policy and are willing to take an active role in their health. The payoff is potential premium savings and rewards from leading retailers.

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How it works

Your clients can earn Vitality Points™ by completing simple, everyday activities like exercising, getting an optional health screening, even reading health articles online. The more engaged they are with the program and live a healthy lifestyle, the more points they can earn towards rewards.

Based on the number of points they accumulate, your clients will earn a Vitality Status™ – Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum. On each policy anniversary, your client’s annual premium will be adjusted based on their Vitality Status in the program.

Members who earn 0 to 3,499 Vitality Points achieve Bronze Status. Members who earn 3,500 to 6,999 points earn Silver Status. Members who earn 7,000 to 9,999 points earn Gold Status. Members who earn over 9,999 points earn Platinum Status.

Our team of insurance wholesalers are ready to deliver value through case support, revenue-producing ideas and advice.

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