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Life & Living Benefits

Term, Whole Life, Universal Life, Critical Illness and Disability Insurance



Affinity Markets

Travel, Health & Dental, Personal Accident Disability Insurance and Lifecheque Basic



Selling and marketing FollowMe™ Health

Advisor materials

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Quote Request Form


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Health and Dental Sales Matrix





Our team of insurance wholesalers are ready to deliver value through revenue-producing ideas and advice.

Client materials

Share with clients the new interactive digital brochure including product detail, plan comparison chart and provincial and territorial rates in one convenient PDF.

  • Print Brochure/Rates (AF1370E, AF1371E, AF1372E, AF1373E, AF1374E, AF1375E, AF1376E, AF1377E, AF1378E, AF1379E, AF1380E) (PDF)



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Prospecting Letters

For a complete list of Affinity print materials, please refer to the Marketing Materials Order Form and request through the Order forms online tool on the home page (login required).

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