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Your little voice knows. Great health isn't guaranteed, but acceptance to great health plans can be.

Guaranteed acceptance on health and dental plans

Your clients can enjoy guaranteed acceptance, with no medical questions, when they apply for FollowMe Health & Dental Insurance within 90 days of their group benefits ending.1

Simply select from the four coverage levels (Basic, Enhanced, Enhanced Plus, Premier) and fill out a quick application online.

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Guaranteed acceptance opens up opportunities

Chronic conditions won’t prevent coverage. Many working Canadians age 50+ have health conditions that may prevent them from getting health coverage, but not with FollowMe when they apply within 90 days of their group benefits ending.

Consider this: 29% of Canadians age 50+ have a chronic health condition.2

We’re seeing an influx of retirees with more and more Canadian heading into retirement. Did you know that more than 5,000 Canadians retire every week? And this number is only increasing.3


The clients you should be targeting

Engage with clients who:

  • Have medical conditions
  • Are nearing retirement
  • Are leaving a job

Get the word out:

  • Give them a call
  • Send an email

Three things to tell your clients about FollowMe:

  1. Extensive coverage: Select from four different plans that offer health and dental coverage.
  2. Easy online claims: Submitting claims has never been easier with Manulife’s fast and easy online claims.
  3. Special rates: Get reduced rates for couples and families.


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