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Life & Living Benefits

Term, Whole Life, Universal Life, Critical Illness and Disability Insurance



Affinity Markets

Travel, Health & Dental, Personal Accident Disability Insurance and Lifecheque Basic



Understanding Lifecheque®

What it is

Lifecheque is one of the most comprehensive critical illness insurance products available today. With a broad range of plan types and optional riders to choose from, plus special features like Health Service Navigator® (HSN) a trusted online and on-call resource for health information and health care navigation with a medical second opinion service, Lifecheque is an excellent choice for your clients.

Lifecheque offers:

  • Coverage for life-threatening conditions and early-stage illnesses
  • An advance of funds to cover immediate expenses
  • Built-in long term care protection (subject to underwriting)
  • Connect to an exclusive health information and support service – anytime, anywhere

Who it’s for

Designed to meet the needs of individuals and business owners ages 30 to 50, Lifecheque is ideal for:

  • Lifestyle and asset protection
  • Mortgage and debt protection
  • Supplementing gaps in disability insurance coverage
  • Improving an employee benefits package
  • Business partnership protection


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How it works

The following Lifecheque plan types are available:

Plan Type Duration of coverage Premiums
Renewable (Term-10,  Term-20) Age 75 Renew every 10 or 20 years
Level (Term 65, Term 75) Age 65, Age 75 Level to age 65
Level to age 75
Permanent (Term-100, 15-Pay) Age 100 Level to age 100
Level for 15 years

Our team of insurance wholesalers are ready to deliver value through case support, revenue-producing ideas and advice.

Additional features

Optional riders:

  • Return of Premium on Death
  • Return of Premium with Early Surrender Option
  • Return of Premium at Expiry
  • Waiver of Premiums on Disability
  • Children's Lifecheque Rider

Simple Issue Lifecheque offer: Clients between 18 and 50 who are approved for and accept a Manulife life insurance policy with a Healthstyles 1 or 2 rating (no exclusions) can take advantage of a Simple Application process that makes applying much easier.  Please note, clients aged 18-40 are eligible for Healthstyles 1 only, clients aged 41-50 are eligible for both Healthstyles 1 and 2.

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