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Market-based and Guaranteed Funds

Manulife offers an investment platform including over 200 individual market-based funds that represent all major asset classes directed by more then 40 retail and institutional fund managers. In addition Manulife provides guaranteed interest account options of one, three, and five-year terms. Manulife will provide plan members with stacked deposit insurance coverage totaling $200,000.

New!  Manulife’s Fund Manager Insight Forum
We’re pleased and excited to let you know about a new educational initiative we are introducing to advisors – the Fund Manager Insight Forum.  We’ve developed this Forum to be able to help provide advisors with timely and practical investment ideas as well as global market information from a fund manager’s perspective.

As part of this Forum, Manulife will be hosting interactive conference calls with one of our key fund manager partners every quarter.  

If you have any questions about the Fund Manager Insight Forum, please contact your Manulife representative.



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