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Health Service Navigator® – it helps empower plan members to take control of health events.

What is Health Service Navigator®?

Under the Health for Life ® umbrella, Manulife’s Health Service Navigator® (HSN) is an innovative health service, that provides plan members with integrated health tips and tools, medical condition information, resources on how to navigate the Canadian health care system and access to world-class doctors for second opinions – all together in an easy to access program.

It’s easy to access, reliable, current and available with the click of a mouse or a simple phone call.

 Features of Health Service Navigator®:
Here's a glimpse of what plan members will find both online and over-the-phone:

  • Health Service Navigation
    - Find a health care provider or health care facility
    - Tips on navigating the health care system
    - Provincial health guides
  • Health and Drug Library
    - Health channels
    - Conditions database
    - Prescription drug library
    - Health news
    - Health tools
  • Chronic Conditions Centre
    - Community support groups
    - Disabilities
    - Diabetes
    - Cancer
    - Asthma
    - Cardiac
    - Mental Health
  • Second Opinion Services
    - Why to consider getting a second opinion
    - How the service works
    - How to obtain a second opinion
    - Covered conditions
    - Second opinion provider hospitals
    - Frequently asked questions

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