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Health eLinks® – Your online resource for better health

What is Health eLinks® and how can it support improving health and wellness for an organization?
Health eLinks is a comprehensive health risk assessment and health information portal that is available to all Manulife clients.  The Health Risk Assessment (HRA) is one of the most advanced assessment tools, targeting 13 different risk factors through an online questionnaire with over 100 health related questions. The questions cover sleep, nutrition, physical activity, medication management, smoking, stress, work safety, disease history, depression and much more.

For plan members, this information helps them understand their personal health risk factors and creates an action plan to reduce their risks and improve their overall health. 

In addition to the health risk assessment, Health eLinks supports plan members with an extensive library of health information including:

  • Articles,
  • Drug and condition look-up,
  • Community support, and
  •  Health centres that provide information relating to a broad range of health related tips

For plan sponsors, Health elinks delivers insights into the health of their workforce. When 25 or more plan members complete the HRA, plan sponsors will get access to:

  • Participation reporting
  • Risk factors summary and details
  • Disease history, biometrics, metabolic & heart disease risk
  • Stages of change
  • Investment priorities
  • Work Limitations Questionnaire – estimating the impact of employee health on workplace productivity loss in your employee population
  • Stress Satisfaction Index (SSIX) – measuring the Business Health Culture index (a simple measure of the extent to which the health culture of an organization is working for or against its business objectives.
  • Change over time

Armed with this information it is easier for employers to determine where best to invest in wellness programs.         

Manulife’s Health eLinks® online health resource centre is a complementary service available to all Manulife plan sponsors and their plan members. Powered by MediResource Inc., a leading provider of digital  health and wellness products and services in Canada.

Manulife also provides support for clients wanting to roll out a Health Risk Assessment campaign, to help improve participation and engagement. To learn more about Health elinks and how to maximize the use of this value-added resource, contact Manulife.

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