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Lifestyle Health Coaching

Lifestyle Health Coaching is a telephonic service, for those plan members interested in taking the steps needed towards adopting a healthier lifestyle, by engaging a qualified professional to help. Often, employees want to make a change to improve their overall health, but they may need some help from a qualified health professional trained in coaching and behavioral modification, such as a  

  • personal trainer
  • dietician
  • nutritionist,
  • or other professionals with a health related background.  This help may be just the support an employee needs– which could mean reduced medical or absenteeism costs for your organization’s group benefits plan.

 Who can offer Lifestyle Health Coaching?

Plan Sponsors can offer the Lifestyle Health Coaching program to their plan members if they

  • have more than 51 eligible employees, and
  • have Extended Health Care (EHC) and/or Disability benefits with Manulife Financial.

Because this service strives to provide your clients with measurable outcomes, Lifestyle Health Coaching should attract clients that

  • have a strong wellness focus,
  • currently use or would benefit from our Health Management Services
  • have high drug and disability benefits use, or are looking for strategies to help improve absenteeism, presenteeism and productivity.  

Lifestyle Health Coaching can be offered to your plan members who are actively at work and/or recently returned to work from a short or long term absence:

  • For plan members actively at work: Plan sponsors may want to enhance the general well-being of their employee population.  Lifestyle Health Coaching may be used by those who are seeking additional support to help them identify their “at risk” health behaviours and take the steps needed to improve their overall health. Available on a voluntary basis, plan members can decide to access the service when they are ready for change.  At a minimum, Manulife must administer the extended health care or the short or long term disability benefit.
  • For plan members who have recently returned to work following a short or long term absence: Lifestyle Health Coaching is available through referral by the case manager, to make the member aware of the service when they are re-entering the work place. With Lifestyle Health Coaching, the member has the option to receive additional after-care support, or learn how to better manage the effects of ongoing health conditions. At a minimum, Manulife must administer the short or long term disability coverage.

To maximize the benefits, plan sponsors may choose to offer Lifestyle Health Coaching to both of these employee groups.


If you have questions about how the Lifestyle Health Coach program works, please contact your Manulife Group Benefits representative.

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