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Helping your clients foster healthy workplaces

Designed with clients of all sizes unique and evolving needs in mind, Manulife’s Worksite Wellness Services bring employers and their employees with best-in-class wellness services and the support they need at every stage of their wellness journey.

What are Worksite Wellness Services?

Manulife’s Worksite Wellness Services are a comprehensive suite of best-in-class bilingual wellness initiatives that can be offered in the workplace to help employees adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Worksite Wellness Services are offered at a preferred price by working through Manulife. Clients also get access to our experienced team of wellness consultants to make sure the services are adapted to meet their organization’s unique needs.

Offered on a fee-for-service basis, initiatives include:

 Health screening clinics

Health professionals will go on-site to perform health tests and provide confidential counselling to help employees understand their health risks.

 Seminars and workshops

On-site education that increases employee awareness of specific health topics in a fun and practical way.

 Wellness challenges

Online wellness challenges that provide employees with education, motivation and incentives to practice healthy lifestyle behaviors.

 Wellness fairs

Employees visit a booth in their workplace and receive practical tips on specific health topics in an engaging and fun way.

 Executive medical assessments

Executives receive a personalized health examination and confidential counselling at the office or at a nearby clinic.

 Wellness survey

Employee survey on workplace health, including management practices, work environment, work-life balance, lifestyle habits.

 Flu shot clinics

Employees conveniently receive their flu immunization at their workplace. The clinic can be delivered on its own, or combined with a health screening clinic.

 Fitness appraisals

Employees receive a personal fitness assessment of their aerobic capacity, general back health, core strength and body composition.

 Fitness classes 

Fitness classes delivered at the workplace including group Bootcamp, Zumba, Pilates, home workout and body band.

 Active breaks

Short sessions using easy and fun physical activity, stretching and chair yoga that re-energize meetings or conferences.

 Wellness email campaigns

Employees receive health-related information on a specific topic through weekly emails over a short period of time, providing them with useful tips and tools to improve their health.

 On-site wellness consultants

Unique program that provides a wellness consultant on-site who organizes and delivers wellness services to meet organizations’ needs.

 Drug and alcohol testing

One-stop clinic for all drug and alcohol testing needs to help manage drug and alcohol-related challenges in the workplace, including random-check programs and post-incident testing.

 Fatigue management testing 

Preventative sleep-management program available in 7 locations across Canada that includes daytime laboratory polysomnography testing (PSG), private sleep study and portable monitoring for a home sleep.


Our preferred providers

Worksite Wellness Services are provided by Manulife in collaboration with Tri Fit, Lifemark and ProHealth, three of the leading health and wellness service providers in Canada. 

 Tri Fit

Since 1978, Tri Fit has been a well-established provider of workplace health and fitness solutions. They are known for their expertise with providing on-site wellness consultants that work with management and employees to deliver customized wellness programs and activities. Each of their consultants is matched to a client based on its unique wellness needs and they can provide a variety of on-site services like classes, seminars, challenges and assessments. Consultants are also supported by a wide-range of reliable wellness resources that can be delivered to employees in a variety of ways.


For over 25 years, Lifemark has been providing medical and wellness solutions across Canada and convenient access to the highest quality health care. They are adept at providing convenient support from health professionals at your worksite from 35 locations across Canada. They can help with things like health screenings, flu clinics, wellness seminars and executive medical assessments. Lifemark has over 2400 healthcare specialists on staff including physicians, nurses, physiotherapists, chiropractors, occupational therapists and more.


ProHealth is a well-known wellness provider in Quebec that has delivered a wide variety of initiatives across Canada in both official languages. They have a great reputation for their creative and original ways of engaging employees about their health. Setting up healthy smoothie bars and making tasty crockpot samples are two interesting ways they show employees how healthy habits can make a difference. Humourous weekly challenges keep employees engaged and encourage them to participate. ProHealth can also help with traditional services like screenings, clinics, classes and appraisals. 


Find out more

To make Worksite Wellness Services work for you and your clients or learn more about our complete range of wellness solutions, contact your Manulife representative or visit our website at

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