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What U.S. coverage solutions are available?

ClearSource®, is a comprehensive U.S. Group Benefits solution that is offered to Manulife Financial’s Group Benefits clients with 2 to 49 resident U.S. employees.  Plan sponsors must be a Manulife Canadian Group client in order to access the program.  Manulife does not offer ClearSource on a stand-alone basis.

 Key advantages of ClearSource include:

  • the ability to provide solutions in all states;
  • an aggregate pricing model which increases competitiveness;
  • revised medical underwriting to a high level risk questionnaire at the employer level’
  • a minimum life requirement of 2 lives; and
  • the authorized signing authority may be either a Canadian or U.S. signatory.

ClearSource is owned by ClearPoint, a brokerage/consulting organization located in Seattle, Washington. Manulife has obtained the rights to offer the Clearsource Program in the Canadian marketplace.

ClearSource is comprised of two U.S. based providers:  The Aetna Insurance Company and Digital Insurance (DI). Aetna is the insurer/underwriter of the benefit lines, while DI is the administrator and service model provider.

Aetna Insurance Company:

As part of the ClearSource solution, Aetna has been engaged to be the insurer/underwriter of the program for all benefit lines across all states. Aetna is a large, financially sound organization with an excellent history and reputation within the US.  

Digital Insurance (DI):

As part of the ClearSource solution, DI has been engaged to procure quotes/renewals, to present quotes/renewals, and to provide guidance, assistance, and consultative advice regarding the U.S. benefits marketplace to the Canadian plan advisor and sponsor. DI is a well-known brokerage firm that specializes in small group (less than 50 lives) employee benefit solutions. DI is licensed in all 50 states for all benefit lines.

Life individual solutions:
In some cases, minimum life and employee state requirements will not be met. In these cases, we will be unable to offer the ClearSource solution for 1 life coverage requests. In these scenarios, DI will source individual coverage.

ClearPoint (50+ life requests):
When coverage requests for 50+ lives are received, Manulife will refer the quote request to ClearPoint. ClearPoint specializes in obtaining benefits in the 50+ life market and DI will not be involved in the quote process.
Medical, dental, and vision benefits are sourced by ClearPoint with life, AD&D and disability sourced by ClearPoint through ING.
ING Global is a network of leading insurers providing customized employee benefit products and services to multinational organizations. ING Global will work with you in developing a cost effective employee benefit strategy.

With over 30 years experience ING provides country profiles with updated information on items such as:

  • typical benefits;
  • social security systems; and
  • government legislation and tax implications

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