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What is Expatriate coverage?

Expatriate health insurance is a special type of coverage available only to group contract holders whose supplementary health care insurance is currently with Manulife Financial. The expatriate product is applicable to Health coverage, Extended Health Care (EHC) and Government Health Insurance Plan (GHIP) only. It is designed to provide continuity of health coverage for plan members who are assigned to work outside of Canada on a temporary basis. This type of coverage allows plan members and their eligible dependants to retain a similar level of health coverage abroad as they would have had while living at home in Canada.

Evidence of medical insurability and maintenance of Government Health Insurance (GHIP) coverage are not requirements under the benefit. There are no deductibles and all eligible expenses are
covered at 100%. The benefit is subject to a lifetime maximum.

Manulife will review coverage annually and has the authority to revise pricing or cancel coverage based on experience. Upon reaching the lifetime maximum, claims will not be sent to the core policy for reimbursement.

In emergency medical situations, expatriate coverage is provided by Manulife Financial in partnership with Manulife’s third party travel assistance provider, Mondial Assistance.

Medical emergencies:

Employees who require emergency medical assistance are directed to contact Mondial Assistance immediately, or as soon as possible.  Multilingual operators are available to assist 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They can provide referrals to local physicians and/or medical facilities, as well as coordinate payment of emergency medical expenses, whether in the country of assignment or travelling.

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