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What is Emergency Travel Assistance (ETA)?

Emergency Travel Assistance is a program that enhances the out-of-Province/out-of-Canada coverage by providing on-the-spot medical and financial assistance in the event of a medical emergency. ETA provides coverage for a sudden, unexpected injury or an unforeseen illness and the resulting expenses that may occur while temporarily outside the province.

 ETA medical emergency assistance includes (but is not limited to) the following:

  • information on local medical facilities;
  • monitoring of medical care;
  • claims payment service;
  • medical transportation;
  • return home of dependent children;
  • visit by a family member;
  • trip interruption/delay;
  • convalescence after hospital discharge;
  • accommodation and meals;
  • identification of deceased; and
  • return home of insured when family members are ill.

An enhanced offering provides members with after hours access to health advice and assistance services (standard to all Alpha and Signature clients).

ETA includes (but is not limited to) the following non-medical emergency travel assistance services:

  • pre-trip assistance;
  • replacing lost documents and tickets;
  • referral to legal assistance;
  • telephone interpretation service;
  • message service;
  • vehicle return; and
  • return of deceased.

Twenty-four hour access to ETA services is available through Allianz Global Assistance, an international travel assistance organization.  If a plan member encounters an emergency while travelling, Allianz Global Assistance professionals promptly help by providing services in most languages. Plan members are provided with an ETA card or a benefit card listing telephone numbers to access ETA services through Allianz Global Assistance.

Who is eligible?
Emergency Travel Assistance is available to all active plan members and their dependants. ETA coverage is available for the duration of a trip outside Canada provided the member maintains their provincial coverage. Members must not travel beyond the maximum number of consecutive out-of-province days as outlined in the core policy.  The Manulife Financial standard ‘day limitation’ matches provincial coverage limits.

Compensation is not available on the ETA product.

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