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Group Critical Illness Insurance

Most of us know someone who’s been diagnosed with, or suffered from, a critical illness. The effects, as we know, can be far-reaching: worry, treatments, time away from work, and the financial burden of unexpected expenses. When being confronted by a serious illness the last thing plan members want to learn is that there may be costs associated with their illness that do not qualify for coverage under provincial or employer health care plans.

Part of a progressive group benefits plan
Manulife Financial's Group Critical Illness Insurance supplements the coverage available to plan members through their group health, life, and disability plans. It provides covered individuals with access to premier health information services and a lump-sum benefit if they become critically ill. Plan members can use the benefit for anything they wish, such as:

  • Financial needs – income replacement, paying down debts or to help preserve personal savings, retirement funds or other investments
  • Health care costs – alternative treatment options, medical equipment or expenses not covered under provincial or group benefits plans
  • Lifestyle choices – home repairs or renovations, vehicle upgrades, personal or family pursuits

Value beyond protection
Offering Critical Illness Insurance as part of a comprehensive and competitive group benefits plan can help attract and retain employees, support employee health, and inspire loyalty in the workplace. For plan members, Critical Illness Insurance delivers the comfort of knowing they are well-protected – with relief from financial strain and the freedom to focus on recovery if illness strikes.

The right plan for your client
At Manulife Financial, we’ve developed our Critical Illness Insurance plan with flexibility in mind. Plan sponsors can choose either our Primary or Comprehensive plan, with basic and optional coverage solutions for plan members. The amount of coverage available depends on the size of the group.

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