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What is Extended Health Care (EHC)?

The Extended Health Care (EHC) benefit provides reimbursement of necessary medical expenses incurred by plan members only, or plan members and their eligible dependants.  EHC benefits are designed to supplement the hospital and medical care available through provincial plans.

Manulife Financial’s EHC benefit includes (but is not limited to) coverage of the following (subject to policy limitations as determined by the plan sponsor):

  • drugs;
  • hospital services;
  • vision care;
  • professional/paramedical services (for example, chiropractor, physiotherapist, psychologist, massage therapist);
  • medical services, supplies and equipment;
  • private duty nursing;
  • out-of-province/out-of-Canada medical services; and
  • out-of-province/out-of-Canada medical and after hours assistance;

Hospital services*:

Hospital services include the following options:

  • semi-private room
  • private room; and
  • chronic care facility.

Vision care*:

The vision care benefit covers the following expenses:

  • eye examinations (one per calendar year);
  • glasses or elective contact lenses, to the maximum chosen for the plan;
  • medically necessary contact lenses, subject to a benefit maximum,  and
  • visual training, subject to a lifetime maximum.

Various maximums and combinations of the above covered expenses are available upon request. Eye examinations only are also available.  

Professional/paramedical services:

The following professional services are standard:

  • chiropractors;
  • osteopaths;
  • podiatrists;
  • massage therapists;
  • naturopaths;
  • speech therapists;
  • physiotherapists; and
  • psychologists.

Other professional services (e.g. dieticians, social workers, kinesiologists, and sports therapists) are available upon request and subject to additional pricing requirements. Per visit maximums are available upon request.

Professional/paramedical practitioners must be licensed/registered to facilitate claims processing.

Medical services, supplies and equipment*:

The following medical services* are covered:

  • private duty nursing;
  • diagnostic procedures;
  • ambulance services;
  • dental treatment for accidental injuries to teeth; and
  • out-of-province/out-of-Canada benefits.

The following medical supplies* are covered:

  • equipment rental;
  • non-dental prostheses, supports and hearing aids.

Other supplies*:

  • artificial eyes, limbs and breast prostheses;
  • braces, trusses, collars, leg orthoses, casts, splints;
  • stock-item orthopedic shoes, including modifications or adjustments to stock-item orthopedic shoes or regular footwear;
  • charges for casted custom-made orthotics;
  • custom-made shoes required because of a medical abnormality;
  • hearing aids (including charges for batteries);
  • surgical stockings;
  • surgical brassieres; and
  • wigs and hairpieces.

The rental of medical equipment, such as wheelchairs and hospital beds, is covered. The equipment must be medically necessary for the patient, not primarily a comfort item or for the convenience of the caregiver. When approved by Manulife, the purchase of medical equipment is covered.

Other standard medical supplies* that are covered include:

  • ileostomy, colostomy and incontinence supplies;
  • medicated dressings, burn garments, and oxygen.

Cost containment features available to the EHC benefit include deductibles and co-Insurance levels.

*Note: In each of the preceding lists, coverage includes, but is not limited to, those services and expenses indicated.

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