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Dental coverage

Manulife Financial’s Dental care benefits provide comprehensive dental services and supplies for plan members and their eligible dependants. It is the second most popular benefit sold and is typically sold with the Extended Health Coverage.  

Dental treatment is generally not covered by any government plan but the coverage is used by almost all plan members.It provides reimbursement of expenses incurred by plan members, or plan members and their eligible dependants, for dental care services and supplies.

 Flexibility means more choices for Dental care:

The ability to be flexible with coverage increases with the size of the client. Dental coverage for the small case market (AlphaPlus®) offers the fewest options for flexibility in order to keep costs and efficiencies down.

 What are Dental fee guides?

All provincial dental associations, with the exception of Alberta, publish a dental fee guide each year. The guide is a list of recommended charges for each dental procedure. It is used by dentists as a guide when determining what price to charge a patient and also by insurance companies when determining how much will be reimbursed.  Manulife Financial publishes the Provincial Fee Guide Information annually for our advisors, clients, and field staff.

Alberta fee guide information
The Alberta Dental Association (ADA) has not published a fee guide since 1997. As a result, insurers must develop their own guidelines and reimbursement limits for Alberta. Manulife Financial uses its own Alberta claims data when determining the increases and reimbursement limits. This data is reviewed and adjusted annually.

When establishing appropriate reimbursement limits for Alberta, Manulife Financial helps to ensure that approximately seven out of ten dental claims submitted will be eligible for full coverage, based on the previous year’s claims data. Any difference between that which a dentist charges and the amount the benefits plan pays is ultimately the responsibility of the plan members.

To learn more about dental benefits in Alberta including:
• the annual Alberta dental fee guide review
• the Alberta dental fee guide by procedure code for plan members
• general information for Plan Members about dental coverage in Alberta
• a national summary of provincial fee guides

Visit the Provincial Dental Fee Information Page

This information is available to advisors, plan sponsors, and members alike.


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