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Stay-at-Work Services

Proactive support for better health and employee engagement

Manulife’s Stay-at-Work Services give employers and their employees access to a full range of leading-edge, proactive and specialized intervention services to help prevent disabilities and absenteeism, create effective work environments and increase a company’s productivity.

Provided by an elite team of multi-disciplinary experts, Stay-at-Work Services can help employers better address both medical and non-medical factors that affect employee attendance and help ensure they get the most appropriate treatment for their unique situation. Once the workplace assessment of their choice is complete, confidential recommendations and additional support are offered to employers to help increase the employee’s productivity going forward.

Stay-at-Work Services are available in Manulife absence and disability management offerings to companies with 25 employees or more. It gives employers the power to choose which options best fit their workplace needs. They only pay for these services when they choose to use them.

And because teamwork is paramount to the success of every organization, we also provide assistance to ensure fellow employees understand and accommodate any potential work environment adjustments for affected individuals.

Stay-at-Work Services include:

Intermittent absence management

An assessment performed on employees who have been absent periodically, for reasons self-identified as of a medical nature, which determines if future absence may be expected and medically justified and/or if workplace accommodations may be necessary to help reduce absences.

Workplace accommodations

An assessment that provides guidance and support to employees with medical needs that are not totally disabling but may require workplace accommodation based on medical requirements.

Ergonomic assessments

An on-site assessment that identifies any possible risk factors such as repetitive movements, uncomfortable work postures and carrying heavy loads, and provides an employee with education on workstation set-up and mechanics. Employers are also provided with recommendations on modification to equipment or workspace. This service can help employers optimize the physical environment of an employee’s workspace to prevent or address an injury or illness and create safe work environments.

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