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Streamlined Short-Term Disability solutions

Short-Term Disability benefits provide employees with a weekly income replacement for a limited period of time if they are unable to work for health reasons due to an illness or an injury.

Our experienced Case Managers provide dedicated support to help employers better manage health-related absences, develop plans that can prevent long-term disability and return employees to work in a shorter period of time.

You can choose from the following options based on employers’ needs, risk tolerance and payment preference.

Insured Short-Term Disability

Provides weekly income replacement, based on annually set premiums, to employers who wish Manulife to issue benefits payments and assume any expenses associated with fluctuating Short-Term Disability claims experience or large claims.

Administrative Services Only (ASO)

Provides third-party claims adjudication on a fee-for-services basis to employers who choose to self-insure Short-Term Disability benefits but want Manulife to issue benefit payments. Employers are responsible for all claims costs, including future liability.

Advisory Services

Provides employers with all the advantages of our Short-Term Disability solutions without employee benefit payments. Manulife takes over claims adjudication and case management services on a contract basis to employers who choose to self-insure and self-issue Short-Term Disability benefit payments.

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