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Short Term Disability

Insured benefits

When employees are unable to work because of an illness or injury, we help employers compassionately respond. 


Short term disability insurance and case management allow employers to focus on managing their business while employees get the support they need during the recovery process.

Management of short term medical absences and claims payment

  • Incorporates evidence-based claims adjudication, case management and weekly or bi-weekly benefit payment.
  • Case management engages our extensive network of disability management experts.


Adjudication services
Our services support employers by validating short-term claims and promoting timely, safe and sustained return of employees to work after an absence. 


Short Term Disability Adjudication Services are designed for clients who fund and administer their own income replacement plans but need the help of a trusted third-party provider, like Manulife Financial, to validate short-term medical absences. With this option, we look after the adjudication of employee claims against the company’s self-insured salary continuance plan and your client administers the benefit payment.


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