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Our solutions at a glance

Help to bring employees back to work sooner – and healthier

As a leader in workplace absence and disability management for businesses of all sizes, Manulife has a complete range of solutions, tools and experts in place to meet all employers’ absence and disability management needs and help their employees bring their best to work each day.

Our products and services focus on early intervention as the best means to promote a safe, timely and more effective recovery for employees. Experience shows that assessing abilities and applying targeted interventions in the first weeks of absence helps better address the specific challenges an employee is facing. It can also help reduce the likelihood of long-term disability and support a healthy and earlier return to the workplace.

Choose the best fit for your client’s business

Your clients can choose from Manulife’s comprehensive selection of:

Recognizing the value of prevention and early intervention as a way to better promote a safe and timely recovery, we’ve made our à la carte Stay-at-Work Services available in our Short-Term and Long-Term Disability offerings. These services are embedded in our Absence Management Consultation Services.

No matter which option is chosen, employers and their employees benefit from the in-house expertise of our industry-leading disability management, rehabilitation and mental health specialists teams.

Look to Manulife’s absence and disability management experts and solutions to help proactively and efficiently address employees’ challenges, so that they can recover safely and in a timely manner, and continue contributing to company success.

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