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Registered Advantage Account: Where are you parking your clients' RRSP contributions?

A great place to park your clients' RRSP contributions…for now

Manulife Bank's Registered Advantage Account is a high-interest RRSP account that keeps your clients' RRSP contributions safe and liquid until you have time to advise them of an appropriate long-term allocation. And, with a premium interest rate1, their contribution will be able to grow.

…or for the long term.

For some of your clients, it makes sense to hold a portion of their RRSP in a low-risk investment. If you've used Money Market funds in the past, you may want to consider moving that money to Registered Advantage Account. Registered Advantage Account offers similar security and liquidity to a Money Market fund but, over each of the past eight years, it has out-performed the median Money Market fund2.

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1 Interest is calculated daily on the total daily balance and paid monthly. All rates are subject to change. Withholding taxes may apply if funds are moved to a non-registered account.
2 Between January 2000 and December 2008 the annual return of Registered Advantage Account has exceeded the return of the median Money Market fund in each calendar year as reported on

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