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Manulife One: Introduction

Help your clients save thousands of dollars and become mortgage-free years sooner. Manulife One is an innovative way for your clients to manage their personal finances. And one that gives you a better opportunity to influence their ongoing financial planning.

Manulife One combines a client’s mortgage, personal loans and lines of credit with their chequing account, short-term savings and day-to-day finances (including their income) into a single personal borrowing and chequing account. This one step alone could save your clients thousands and simplify their finances like no other product they've had before.

Compliance is important

There are some limitations to how you, as a financial advisor, can market this account to your existing clients due to various provincial mortgage broker laws and other regulatory requirements. It’s important that you understand what these are. Details about how you can and cannot market Manulife One are available on the Selling page when you are logged into this site.

Because of these limitations, your Business Development Consultant (BDC) will be your primary point of contact with us. He or she will inform you on all of our products, discuss sales strategies and potential opportunities with you, and introduce you to other bank specialists when needed.

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