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Specialized Lending

Manulife Bank’s Lending Department is a specialized team dedicated to providing customized financial solutions for the Canadian large insurance case market. Since 1995, the Lending department has been and continues to strive to be an industry leader in the lending arena.

Our Lending Department will help you set up and operate the appropriate financial loan structure to help your client receive the maximum financial benefit from the strategy you recommend.

We offer the following Specialized Lending products:

Immediate Financing Arrangements (IFA) is a financial planning strategy designed to provide insurance coverage and easy access to funds for alternative investment purposes.

Business Acquisition Loans (BAL) are designed to help provide financial support to independently contracted advisors and Managing General Agencies (MGA) looking to expand their businesses through succession planning and acquisition strategies. There are two types of loans from which to choose to meet your needs.

Quick Business Acquisition Loan features:

  • Loans from $50,000 - $200,000.
  • Streamlined application and underwriting process, which means less time for funding from the time the application is submitted – half the time, in most cases.

Standard Business Acquisition Loan features:

  • Loans of $200,001 and more.
  • We’ve removed the previous maximum loan amount of $1,000,000 to allow advisors to purchase larger books of business.
  • Financing for an increased percentage of the purchase price may be considered subject to the book being made up of Manulife Financial business.



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