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RRSP Loans: Understanding

Contributing to an RRSP can save your clients money today through tax savings and can provide them with a larger investment portfolio at retirement. The optimal way for your clients to build their retirement savings is through regular contributions and an RRSP is most effective when contributions are maximized each year.

If your clients don’t have the cash available to make a contribution, then an RRSP loan could be an excellent alternative1.  An RRSP loan could help your clients realize tax savings, increase the size of their RRSP and help them establish a disciplined savings plan.

We want to help your clients achieve their goals and make your job easier this RRSP season with Manulife Bank’s RRSP Loan Program. With our expanded portfolio including our standard RRSP Loan program and our RRSP Accelerator Loans with larger loan amounts and longer term options, we can help your clients achieve their retirement goals.

Borrowing to invest in an RRSP may not be appropriate for everyone. Your clients will need the financial means to meet their loan obligations. In addition, investments held in an RRSP may fluctuate in value. Your clients should be aware that, regardless of their RRSP’s performance or value of any investments held in their RRSP, they will be required to meet their loan obligations in full. Please ensure clients read the terms of their loan agreement and the investment details for important information. Manulife Bank of Canada solely acts in the capacity of lender and loan administrator and does not provide investment advice of any nature to individuals or advisors. The dealer and advisor are responsible for determining the appropriateness of investments for their clients and informing them of the risks associated with borrowing to invest.

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