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Manulife Bank and Manulife Trust Short-term Deposits (30 - 364 Days GICs): Product information

Availability - Manulife Bank GICs are available in client name and nominee name.  Manulife Trust GICs are available only in nominee name dealer accounts.

Terms - Clients may purchase GICs with terms of 30 - 364 days.

Interest rate - Interest rates are consistently among the top five broker rates. Rates are fixed for the duration of the stated term. Tiered rates are available for larger investments. Rate is pro-rated for the number of days the deposit is active.

Eligibility - Canadian funds - non-registered, RRSP or RRIF.

Minimum deposit - $25,000

Redemptions - Redeemable prior to maturity, subject to a 1.25% rate reduction and $25 administration fee.

Interest structure - Interest is paid upon maturity or redemption.

Renewal Process (Manulife Bank GICs in client name)

  1. Indicate renewal instructions on application at time of purchase or
  2. Indicate renewal instructions on renewal notice sent to investor approximately four weeks prior to maturity.
  3. When there are no renewal instructions, we will automatically renew the investment for a similar term as originally invested.

Statements (Manulife Bank GICs in client name) - Confirmation at time of sale; renewal notice.

Rate Guarantees (Manulife Bank GICs in client name)

New Deposits:

  1. Mailed documentation and deposit: rate is guaranteed the day we receive the investment instructions and deposit cheque.
  2. Local bank deposit service: we guarantee the rate on the day the client signs the application and the investment proceeds are deposited using our local bank deposit service with Royal Bank.

Renewals - "Better of" rate guarantee of up to 30 days prior to renewal -- based on the greater of:

  1. The rate promised on the day you contact us (rate guarantee may only be booked once during the 30 days prior to the maturity renewal), or
  2. The rate on the day of the renewal.

RRSP, RRIF and TFSA transfers To Manulife Bank - We will guarantee the posted rate in effect on the date your client signs the application and Transfer Authorization for Registered Investments (AB0164) for up to 30 days. This allows time for the funds to be received from the relinquishing institution.

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