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Business Advantage Account: Introduction

Business Advantage Account (BAA) is a high-interest* investment account designed as the ideal complement to a traditional operating account. This account can be used by a broad range of incorporated and unincorporated organizations such as small businesses, charitable organizations, associations, unions and clubs. BAA also works well as a trust account, providing security, accessibility and growth for money held in trust.

Account holders can simply transfer or deposit excess cash into their BAA, earn a high rate of interest and then easily access the cash again when they need it. This allows the excess cash to earn a high rate of interest without requiring the owner to manage T-bills or buy Money Market funds.

We've created a variety of marketing pieces, including targeted client flyers, to help you introduce this account to current and prospective clients. For more detailed product information and to view these marketing materials, become a registered Repsource user.

*The variable annual interest rate is applied to all funds in the account. Interest is calculated daily on the total daily balance and paid monthly. Rate is subject to change.

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