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$US Business Advantage Account: Introduction

$US Business Advantage Account works in conjunction with a business' existing $US account at a Canadian financial institution and provides a high rate of interest* for every U.S. dollar on deposit. When your clients link a $US Business Advantage Account to their $US operating account at another Canadian financial institution, it's easy to move money back and forth electronically to meet their changing needs.

This account is a non-personal business account only and is available to incorporated and unincorporated businesses, organizations and trusts registered in Canada.

Important note: A processing delay will occur if all requirements are not fulfilled at the time the application is submitted. In particular, applicants must provide transfer information for their current $US account at a Canadian Financial Institution. Please ensure you are logged into Repsource and go to the Administration page for complete details.

*The variable annual interest rate is applied to all funds in the account. Interest is calculated daily on the total daily balance and paid monthly. Rate is subject to change.

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