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CRM2: CLEAR approach

Changing the narrative: talk value, not price

With change comes opportunity?

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Communicate your value
List and define your services
Explain your fees and compensation
Align your client needs
Review procedures and plans

We’ve made the CLEAR approach a framework to help you strengthen your relationship with your clients through the CRM2 process. With disclosure of cost and performance central to the new changes, it is fundamentally important that clients understand the value you bring to their financial success. A client relationship defined by cost and performance alone will continually be questioned. However, a relationship built on value lays a strong foundation for long-term client satisfaction. Read on the key highlights of the CRM2 changes.

At this point, many of you are well aware of the requirement for CRM2, and you are working hard at making sure that your reporting and other requirements are in order, if not already.

But what do you know about the readiness of your clients for CRM2? Are you prepared to handle their questions and deal with difficult discussions?

We collaborated with PMG Intelligence to obtain valuable market research from both clients and advisors and we’ve learned some interesting things. 

Some key findings

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