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Our Tax Retirement & Estate Planning Services (TREPS) is a team of accountants, lawyers, and other specialists skilled in proactively identifying opportunities for advisors and clients, within changing regulatory and market environments.  The team identifies tax challenges that your clients may face and provides easy-to-understand solutions, which you and your clients can understand.

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Thumbnail image of John NataleJohn Natale

Assistant Vice-President
Tax, Retirement & Estate Planning Services

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Thumbnail image of Jason GiuricichJason Giuricich

Tax, Retirement & Estate Planning Consultant

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Thumbnail image of Curtis DavisCurtis Davis

Tax, Retirement & Estate Planning Consultant

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Learn how to protect an estate
In this video series, John Natale addresses several key topics on the subject that can help you, help your clients to protect their wealth. For further information on estate planning and the value of naming a beneficiary, log-in here.
Video transcript (PDF)


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