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in*vest*ments: Unplugged with Philip Petursson

in*vest*ments: Unplugged

An insightful & lively Podcast with your host Philip Petursson, Chief Investment Strategist, Manulife Investments. (Intended for Advisor Use Only)

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Episode 5: Collecting Vs. Investing Vs. Speculating – What Are The Differences?
July 9, 2018
The Dutch Tulip Craze, Beanie Babies, a $450 million Leonardo da Vinci or Comic Books, should they be recognized as collections? Investments? Or Speculation?
Join us as we discuss these and other phenomena that challenge the idea of what an investment is…

Episode 4: Not all ETFs Are Created Equally – Do You Know the Differences?
May 8, 2018
From Obesity ETFs to Marijuana ETFs, last year ETFs saw record growth and took in over $460 billion globally, growth of nearly 60% relative to 2016. ETFs have hit the mainstream leading to nearly $4.5 trillion in global ETF assets. Not all ETFs are created equally. We discuss what has historically proven to be a winning investment strategy in this very crowded space.

Episode 3b: Views on U.S. Equities and Global Fixed Income from our Investment Strategists and Portfolio Managers
SPECIAL GUESTS from Manulife Asset Management (U.S.) LLC:

  • John Addeo, Global Fixed Income Chief Investment Officer
  • Sandy Sanders, Senior Portfolio Managers, U.S. Core Value Equity
  • Thomas Goggins, Senior Portfolio Manager, Global Multi-Sector Fixed Income

Episode 3a - Views on Canada from our Investment Strategists, Portfolio Managers and Senior Economist
SPECIAL GUESTS from Manulife Asset Management:

  • Terry Carr, Chief Investment Officer of Canadian Fixed Income
  • Duncan Anderson & Chris Hensen, Senior Portfolio Managers, Manulife Value Equity Team
  • Frances Donald, Senior Economist

Episode 2 - Asset Allocation: Allocating capital where it will be treated the best  
February 5, 2018
Learn about James Robertson’s “outcome oriented” approach to asset allocation. Building the portfolio’s core holdings with the best risk adjusted return, while adding a short term opportunistic approach for additional returns or de-risking the overall portfolio.

Episode 1 - 2018: a year of Dead Calm, completely still water with no wave or wind?  
January 5, 2018
Welcome to in*vest*ments: Unplugged, a new podcast hosted by Philip Petursson, Manulife’s Chief Investment Strategist. In his first episode, Philip talks to Macan Nia & Terry Carr, who share their outlook for 2018, and what a rising interest rate environment could mean for investors.

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