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Economic and market views

Get all the information, insights and expert opinions on a variety of economic and financial issues, tax views - in addition to up-to-date information on changes impacting our industry, and ultimately your business. Our global presence and strategic relationships offer you ideas and insights from our experts around the world, providing you with a truly global perspective.

Economic views

Read the latest from the economists at Manulife Asset Management

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Market views

Get the latest from our network of investment professionals on their views of current market events.

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Tax views

Our Tax Retirement & Estate Planning Services (TREPS) is a team of accountants, lawyers, and other specialists skilled in proactively identifying opportunities for advisors and clients, within changing regulatory and market environments.

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Market Intelligence

The Market Intelligence Report is designed to help advisors be successful when they are investing with their clients, by providing an outlook into market opportunities and risks.

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Investments: Unplugged with Philip Pertursson

in*vest*ments: Unplugged

An insightful & lively Podcast with your host Philip Petursson, Chief Investment Strategist, Manulife Investments.
(Intended for Advisor Use Only)

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Canadian Dollar - video
Transcript (PDF)

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